Microsoft continuously releases new versions and hot fixes of Dynamics NAV to improve or add the features. To take advantage of this new release, Ricksun has packaged an equally exciting service for you – A “Fixed price Upgrade to latest version of NAV (2016), without spending thousands from your IT Budget”.

We’re convinced – you don’t have to spend big bucks in just upgrading to NAV latest version. We’ll show you the new features and how these add value to your business, making NAV’s latest version – a solution for your future at a minimal cost.


  • 01 Guaranteed ROI: Use Ricksun Upgrade ROI process for NAV to prove the upgrade investment. With this process you can easily review major changes between versions, translate it to economic benefits for your customer organization, and simple build an economically justified business case for an upgrade. Your customer can maximize the return on investment sooner.
  • 02On time delivery: Our processes used for upgrade reduces the most monotonous and time-consuming parts of an upgrade, which helps us to make upgrades faster, more cost efficient and to eliminate the risk of human errors. We can help make the project appear simpler in the eye of your customers.
  • 03Fixed and less cost: For most of the end customers, an upgrade looks like a big white elephant and there is always a doubt on ROI. We always find the most effective upgrade solution for you and reduce your risks by providing fixed and less - cost version upgrades, including customizations.
  • 04Decrease Reports Transformation Costs: Reports transformation can easily boost your upgrade investment. Save your transformation efforts and cost with our automated transformation processes. You can reduce the costs of keeping developers on your staff when your workload does not justify the expense.

Get FREE Upgrade Assessments with a Fixed Price Guarantee: We’re offering a free upgrade assessment to evaluate the scope of your upgrade project. It’s always for a fixed price, which minimizes your risk and helps easier manage upgrade investment. Please click here for assessment.